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Lost and Found

*The following story is fictional and written from the inspiration of the video that follows the story:  Chris Paul and his Grandfather*

Read the story, breathe the words, think the thoughts

Lost and Found

One week ago…bullets exploded out of the Smith and Wesson revolver; Chris’s grandpa, Bob, lay motionless on the floor at his service station.  Bob had been a victim of a senseless $82.00 robbery, an unbelievable act of violence against those that were close to him.  Chris knew his life would ever be the same.

Chris’s grandpa had been his father figure ever since his real dad left eight years earlier, and the effort his grandpa put into making me who he is today was beyond belief.  Bob helped Chris with everything, especially the game of basketball.  Whenever Chris needed someone to lend a hand Bob would be there, Chris knew that he could never be replaced.  Losing someone this close hurt Chris deep inside his heart and he didn’t know how to continue playing the sport he loved without him there.

Bob had been a very mysterious man too many people.  He didn’t open up easily, but there was one constant in his life and that was Chris.  Bob had so much passion to see his grandson succeed, but he also had another side to him that few people knew.  He had been involved with some shady people in other towns.  Many times these people were the main drug dealers of other towns, and Bob had been secretly involved with them the past 20 years.

Chris had no idea about his grandpa’s mysterious life.  He had only known him for what he saw him as; a man who loved him and was always there for him.  Chris’s first game of his senior year was scheduled for the week after the incident, and he was still contemplating playing that morning as he tossed and turned in his sheets.  These spherical orange graphics woven on an ebony background that covered his body reminded him that the game was still in his heart.  Pictures surrounded his room and he loved the clutter.  He was so crowded, but it was his haven; his only place away from home when he was at home.

The game day ritual began as it had every other, but on this day it had a different feel for Chris.  There was a new picture in his room this morning along with the famous basketball players Julius Erving, Reggie Miller, and Michael Jordan.  Chris liked all of them, but his game was and always had been patented after Michael.  What inspiration Chris had from MJ would be completely replaced today by his grandfather.

Chris finally had to make his decision; Was he going to play in the game? He closed his eyes, and let his world take over his thoughts.  Chris’s mind was filled with memories of his grandpa.  The most vivid lay with the Euchre games and Mike n’ Ikes that they used to indulge in after Bob kicked his ass in 6 A.M. three hour workouts.  All of the times when his grandpa was at the gym in the morning, he pushed Chris to become the best that he could be.  Their relationship with each other was full of respect and affection.  Three pointer after three pointer, drill after drill, my grandpa taught me to play with all my heart.  He had been with me every step of the way, and not once had he given up on me.  Chris wondered to himself, What would it look like if he gave up on his grandpa?

Chris realized, he had to play his next basketball game in dedication of him.

Chris had a special tribute in mind; his grandpa was murdered at the age of 61, and he wanted to try to score 1 point for each year that he was alive.  As the game drew closer that day the butterflies in Chris’ stomach grew larger.  As rumors began swirling about Bob no one had a clue about what Chris was about to try to accomplish.

As Chris’ team sat in the locker room prior to the game he remembered that a prayer was said for his grandpa and his family.  Many of his teammates gave him a pat on the back before the game.  Chris’ coach sad a few words, but it was all jibberish to Chris.  He was too focused on the task at hand; it was game time.

There was no one that night that was going to stop Chris from getting to that basket.  He played with his whole heart and left everything on the floor.  He attacked like his grandpa had showed him too throughout the years.  The whole game he thought of his grandpa looking down at him from heaven smiling at him every time he scored.  Chris scored 24 points in the second quarter alone.  As the game progressed fans could sense the determination in Chris’ actions, and they kept whispering about how many points he had.  The score of the game was far lopsided, but the atmosphere in the gym made hearts leap as Chris got the ball one more time.  He took a dribble left, got into the lane, and put a twisting shot up over two defenders.  The whistle blew while the ball rattled around the rim almost as if it were frozen in time.  The spherical orange graphics that had been woven for him dropped through the net.    The fans went wild, and Chris knew – He had done it; 61 Points!

Chris walked to the free throw line, and the referee passed him the ball.  He took two dribbles, and shot an air ball.

Every emotion thinkable pulsated through Chris’ body!  He pointed up towards heaven and covered his face within his jersey.  He fell to the floor, and tears of joy, inspiration, and grief ran down his face.

Now, when you lose something you love – I’m not saying you need to go out and try to score 61 points wherever you may be hoopin’….

I’m simply saying do something in memory of what was lost.

Celebrate what that certain thing or person brought to your life.

Go traveling where they traveled, wander where they wandered, jump where they jumped, eat where they ate, hoop where they hooped, run where they ran, teach what they taught, cry where they cried, live where they lived…

*The preceding story was fictional and written from the inspiration of the following video:  Chris Paul and his Grandfather*



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One Reason For Hate

4 undefeated seasons, 19 Conference Championships, an 88 straight game winning streak, and 7 straight National Championships….no that’s not a typo…that’s right 7 in….a…row.

The late John Wooden, for a man who won, and won a whole heck of a lot as head coach of the UCLA Bruins basketball team not once talked about winning during practice.

Instead, he taught boys to become men

He taught his students to have character, discipline, and respect.  They hated it.

When someone showed up late, they were kicked out of practice.  If a player’s hair was too long, he was sent home.  If a player cursed, he was done for the day.

Can you imagine this working in a society like today?  I can picture the parents now coming to the coach complaining about how their son or daughter was sent home from practice for swearing, or kicked off the team for drinking.

Granted Coach Wooden was teaching some of the best college basketball players in the country.  However, I believe his teachings are universal.  Many of the youth today need a kick in the butt whether they realize it or not.

From personal experience, I was pushed to the limit with my basketball coach in high school.  At the time I hated it.

Over time, the experience made me realize to never settle for less than my best.  This coach is now one of my role models and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without knowing him.

People like Wooden and coach make me wonder:

If it weren’t for them, how would we ever know what we are capable of?

And then I realize.

We wouldn’t.



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Timmy T’s Tenants

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow?

God? Douche-bag? Villain? Hero? Virgin? Superman?

I’ve never come across a player in college football that has either been more hated or more loved.

You will never hear, “Oh yeah, that Tebow he’s alright.”

No, Never.

Sometimes we get, “Tim Tebow is some mythical creature who will bring me all my riches and make my life complete.”

Other times we get, “Tim Tebow is the worst player to ever walk the face of this earth and I hope he falls off a cliff within the next 43.2 seconds.”

NOW, for just 30 seconds I want you to take out all your bias thoughts of Tebow out of your head, and think about what he represents.




What words came to mind?

Timmy T’s Tenants

  1. Have Passion in all that you do – The video speaks for itself.
  2. The Golden Rule – “You just try to be nice to everybody and treat them all the same. Treat them how you would want to be treated.” – Tim Tebow
  3. Be Positive – Always look for the best in things.
  4. Take Pride in your work – Hold yourself to a certain standard with the work that you do. Do not accept less than your best.

What should have came to mind is ROLE MODEL!

Tim Tebow is and should be a role model for kids around the world!

The Denver Broncos #15 Jersey holding the name “Tebow” on the backside was #1 in jersey sales for the month of April, 2010….and he hasn’t yet taken a snap in the NFL.


I think not.

It’s his character, the way that he carries himself, and what he stands for that attracts people to him.

Hate him or love him

You must respect what Tim Tebow represents.



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Ogre Believer

Louis Oosthuizen….wait…who?  How do I say that? How could this man be ranked #54 in the world and I have never heard one person in the golf world even whisper his name??

  • Maybe because his name is Louis Oosthuizen
  • Maybe it is because he is just plain ugly.
  • Maybe it is because he has only made the cut in a major 1 of 8 times.
  • Maybe because he looks like…..Shrek?

Either way, he’s now known!

This Shrek-like creature made his way around St. Andrews on Friday with a sneaky 67 for a two round total of 132.  For a man who once shot 57 on his windy sea course Mossel Bay Club he will – Hide no more

Louis will not be able to sneak around on Saturday or Sunday at the Old Course as he will stand out as if Shrek and Princess Fiona were to attend “The Decision” live on ESPN.

Yes, the decision.  Louis will have to make his decision over the next two days.  Will he be a Rory, and follow a 65 – 67 with a round of 82 – 84 or will he take the golfing world and all Shrek fans by storm by holding the Claret Jug up on Sunday. 

Bold Prediction:  Shrek and Princess Fiona A.K.A. The Claret Jug will be greater than “The Tiger” and the rest of the field and….live happily ever after come Sunday evening.

P.S. Major props to Ernie Els for funding Oosthuizen’s start in golf through the Els Foundation.  Oosthuizen even said about Els, “Without him, I wouldn’t be here now.”  You can learn more about the Els Foundation at



“It’s not what life brings to you, it’s the attitude you bring to life.”

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