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One Reason For Hate

4 undefeated seasons, 19 Conference Championships, an 88 straight game winning streak, and 7 straight National Championships….no that’s not a typo…that’s right 7 in….a…row.

The late John Wooden, for a man who won, and won a whole heck of a lot as head coach of the UCLA Bruins basketball team not once talked about winning during practice.

Instead, he taught boys to become men

He taught his students to have character, discipline, and respect.  They hated it.

When someone showed up late, they were kicked out of practice.  If a player’s hair was too long, he was sent home.  If a player cursed, he was done for the day.

Can you imagine this working in a society like today?  I can picture the parents now coming to the coach complaining about how their son or daughter was sent home from practice for swearing, or kicked off the team for drinking.

Granted Coach Wooden was teaching some of the best college basketball players in the country.  However, I believe his teachings are universal.  Many of the youth today need a kick in the butt whether they realize it or not.

From personal experience, I was pushed to the limit with my basketball coach in high school.  At the time I hated it.

Over time, the experience made me realize to never settle for less than my best.  This coach is now one of my role models and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without knowing him.

People like Wooden and coach make me wonder:

If it weren’t for them, how would we ever know what we are capable of?

And then I realize.

We wouldn’t.




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Timmy T’s Tenants

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow?

God? Douche-bag? Villain? Hero? Virgin? Superman?

I’ve never come across a player in college football that has either been more hated or more loved.

You will never hear, “Oh yeah, that Tebow he’s alright.”

No, Never.

Sometimes we get, “Tim Tebow is some mythical creature who will bring me all my riches and make my life complete.”

Other times we get, “Tim Tebow is the worst player to ever walk the face of this earth and I hope he falls off a cliff within the next 43.2 seconds.”

NOW, for just 30 seconds I want you to take out all your bias thoughts of Tebow out of your head, and think about what he represents.




What words came to mind?

Timmy T’s Tenants

  1. Have Passion in all that you do – The video speaks for itself.
  2. The Golden Rule – “You just try to be nice to everybody and treat them all the same. Treat them how you would want to be treated.” – Tim Tebow
  3. Be Positive – Always look for the best in things.
  4. Take Pride in your work – Hold yourself to a certain standard with the work that you do. Do not accept less than your best.

What should have came to mind is ROLE MODEL!

Tim Tebow is and should be a role model for kids around the world!

The Denver Broncos #15 Jersey holding the name “Tebow” on the backside was #1 in jersey sales for the month of April, 2010….and he hasn’t yet taken a snap in the NFL.


I think not.

It’s his character, the way that he carries himself, and what he stands for that attracts people to him.

Hate him or love him

You must respect what Tim Tebow represents.



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Ogre Believer

Louis Oosthuizen….wait…who?  How do I say that? How could this man be ranked #54 in the world and I have never heard one person in the golf world even whisper his name??

  • Maybe because his name is Louis Oosthuizen
  • Maybe it is because he is just plain ugly.
  • Maybe it is because he has only made the cut in a major 1 of 8 times.
  • Maybe because he looks like…..Shrek?

Either way, he’s now known!

This Shrek-like creature made his way around St. Andrews on Friday with a sneaky 67 for a two round total of 132.  For a man who once shot 57 on his windy sea course Mossel Bay Club he will – Hide no more

Louis will not be able to sneak around on Saturday or Sunday at the Old Course as he will stand out as if Shrek and Princess Fiona were to attend “The Decision” live on ESPN.

Yes, the decision.  Louis will have to make his decision over the next two days.  Will he be a Rory, and follow a 65 – 67 with a round of 82 – 84 or will he take the golfing world and all Shrek fans by storm by holding the Claret Jug up on Sunday. 

Bold Prediction:  Shrek and Princess Fiona A.K.A. The Claret Jug will be greater than “The Tiger” and the rest of the field and….live happily ever after come Sunday evening.

P.S. Major props to Ernie Els for funding Oosthuizen’s start in golf through the Els Foundation.  Oosthuizen even said about Els, “Without him, I wouldn’t be here now.”  You can learn more about the Els Foundation at



“It’s not what life brings to you, it’s the attitude you bring to life.”

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